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Search Engine Optimisation

What is Search Engine Optimisation ?

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is used to help your website appear higher in Search Results; without having to pay for every visitor to your website. The key to achieving this is a long list of criteria that has to be met, which is explained in a little more detail in the section below.

The benefit to SEO is increased website traffic and increased revenue, without having to pay a fee for every person who clicks the link through to your website. The downside is, it takes time to get to page one, for the relevant key phrases to your business, so this is not a fast ROI.

In summary, SEO has a longer-term pay off and plays just one part of a complete digital marketing strategy. Depending on your goals and sector, it’s best used in conjunction with Google Ads and Social Media Marketing for more consistently remarkable results.


What affects Search Engine Optimisation & how long does it take?

There is a long list of criteria that needs to be achieved for SEO to be effective. For now, we have listed a few quick points, to give you a better understanding, without boring you with pages and pages of data and information.

Page Speed
How fast your website loads, including on all mobile devices.

Whether your website restructures to fit and is easy use on mobile phones & tablets.

User Experience
How easy it is for people to find the information they’re looking for on your website.

Social Media Activity
If people are sharing your website on Social Media or visiting your website from social media.

If there is enough text content on pages, that includes information about your products or services and ways to contact your business.

Title Tags, Image Tags, Product Tags, all with accurate information, that will help Google’s algorithms better understand what you have to offer.

Meta Descriptions
The little section of text, that appears under your website title, on Search Results.

You will see that some of these things relate to the way a website is built and Social Media activity. You need a unified digital presence and consistent brand identity.

Time, it takes a good amount of time for significant results and completely depends on your industry, catchment area and how many SEO boxes we can tick. It’s an ongoing process and Google will be constantly monitoring what people do when they land on your site; which can have a positive or negative impact.

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