Our Experts

the guardians e1648999175308
Our Experts

The Guardians

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Justin (Dex)

Sales & Marketing Manager

stefan dev
Stefan (The Samurai)

WordPress Dev

Cezara dev
Cezara (The Ninja)

WordPress Dev

qummer coder dev e1648562116885
Qummer (The Wizard)

WordPress & Coder Dev

merrill dev
Merrill (The Viking)

Full-Stack Dev

Stacey Apprentice Dev
Stacey (The Ghost)

Apprentice Dev

chris encapsulate graphic design
Chris (The Druid)

Creative Designer

ben client relations
Benn (The Spartan)

Head of Client Relations

emiliy admin manager2
Emily (The Conductor)

Admin Manager

gaz accountant
Gaz (The Base)

Chief Accounting Officer

sam encapsulate seo
Sam (The Guru)

SEO & Google Ads

sarah encapsulate social media
Sarah (The Social Surfer)

Social Media Marketeer

wayne encapsulate founder
Wayne (The Khan)

SEO & Marketing Strategist

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